Stevens & Associates
Indoor Plants
We provide interior plant design,
sometimes called interior landscaping,
from start to finish.  We can sell you plants
and pots, and deliver them to you.  A
weekly office plant service agreement is
optional.  Or we can rent you the plants
and pots for a minimum of one year,
deliver all materials and maintain the
plants all for one low price.

No job is too big or too small.  As long as
you are in our service area we will provide
you with excellent service. Our office
plant service in Irvine extends to all of
Orange County, including but not limited
to Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Mission
Viejo, Laguna Beach. San Juan Capistrano,
San Clemente, Tustin, Lake Forest, Laguna
Niguel, etc. etc.

Whether you rent or buy, as long as we are doing the maintenance all plants
are guaranteed for as long as we are providing the care.  

We do our best to provide you with trouble free plants.  So 3 years from now
when that fern in the corner decides it no longer can survive in that dark
spot, we will bring a new one to replace it and remove the old one at no
additional cost.  We have been providing this kind of houseplant service for
over 30 years now.
Stevens & Associates Indoor Plants
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